Bluesy - Rootsy - Soulful - Rock”

When Lincoln College shuttered its doors in June 2022, Denise La Grassa turned job loss into opportunity. The former head of the Music Program at the 157-year-old Central IL private school embraced her 'North of 40' journey, shifting focus exclusively to songwriting and performance. Relocating to Chicago, she dived into the vibrant music scene, gracing stages at venues like Epiphany Center for the Arts, Phyllis’ Musical Inn, Montrose Saloon, Northman Riverwalk, and Nia’s.

Now, 18 months later, she deems it one of her smartest decisions. The joy of crafting and performing new music proved transformative, exceeding her expectations. Her creativity, unburdened by a full-time day job, led to the 2023 album 'The Flame,' a 10-song venture into rootsy blues territory.

'The Flame' garnered attention from nearly 70 radio stations nationwide—a major feat for an independent artist—and secured a Top-25 spot on the Roots Music Report Contemporary Blues chart. The single 'Better Day’s Coming' soared to a Top-5 position on the singles chart, surpassing La Grassa's modest expectations.

Encouraged by the positive response, she's inspired to keep the momentum. A yet-unnamed follow-up album is slated for late Spring or early Summer, promising more original music. La Grassa reflects on this musical journey as a return to her roots, embracing a bluesy, gutsy, soulful sound that aligns with her true self.

As she eagerly anticipates stepping back into the studio, Denise La Grassa proudly declares, "Onward with this 'North of 40' journey," poised to continue the musical renaissance that has redefined her artistic path.